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Jewish Association on Aging

200 JHF Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Ph: 412-420-4000

Our phones answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a tour of our facility, call Mark Pastoria, Director of Business Development, at 412-290-5647.

Contacts For our Services:

Charles Morris Nursing & Rehabilitation Admissions Cindy Pace 412-521-1790
Home Health Services Mary Anne Foley 412-586-3249
Adult Day Services Lori O’Brien 412-422-9454
Sivitz Jewish Hospice Stacey Tabanli, RN 412-422-5700
Weinberg Terrace Rena Becker 412-420-3341
Residence at Weinberg Village Martha Martel 412-521-8988
Mollie’s Meals Fraida Estrin 412-421-7616
JAA Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation 412-421-7400
Pastoral Care Rabbi Eli Seidman 412-521-1685
Social Services Nicole Morgan 412-521-4191