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Spiritual Living

The JAA serves the Jewish community of Pittsburgh while at the same time offers seniors of all faiths an opportunity to find spritual fulfillment within our spectrum of services.

Spirituality is far more than formal religious practice. We have all known people who went to synagogue often, but would hardly be described as “spiritual.”  And we have likewise encountered people who are caring and appreciative of life in a spiritual way but are not involved in organized religion.

Those who give freely of themselves to others are acting in a spiritual way. A loving Jewish environment helps to promote spiritual growth. Growth does not stop when people become old and frail. If anything, people need spirituality even more to replace some of the emptiness that comes with the losses of old age.

The Jewish Association on Aging agencies aim to reconnect our residents with their spiritual selves. They may have been involved with their neighborhood synagogues. Or they may want to return to the traditions they recall from their early years. We try to ascertain their needs and fulfill them.

We strive to share the beauty and the joy of traditional Jewish life with all of our residents and family members, and to draw on the strength of the Torah and holidays to comfort and inspire them all as they journey through their end-of-life experiences.

Imagine life:

  • In the heart of Squirrel Hill, a thriving Jewish community
  • Dedicated to maintaining Jewish values and traditions
  • Observing Jewish dietary laws
  • Offering religious services and holiday celebrations and
  • Where many people maintain strong ties to their Jewish roots  and enjoy the company of others who share their heritage.

Contact Rabbi Eli Seidman, 412-521-1685 or for additional information.

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