Happy Resident


Hear directly from our residents and families.

Dear Dave,

I wanted to drop you  a note to commend you and the staff of Sivitz Hospice for the invaluable assistance they provided during the final days of my Dad’s life (Charles Kirshner). The nurse, Jan (sorry, I do not recall her last name) swooped in at his/our most vulnerable moments and like a symphony director, orchestrated the physicians and ICU nurses into providing the most compassionate and comfortable care. Even though we spent only a few days working with Jan, we will be eternally grateful  for the peace and comfort that she provided to all of us, especially our father. In addition, the social worker (also Jan), has been lovely in her concern and follow up care.

Please express the heartfelt thanks of our entire family to these women.

It is ironic that having been involved in the community for many years, I have not been aware of this wonderful community asset. May you continue to provide this much needed service to other members of our community for many years to come.

Thank You.

Meryl Ainsman

Ainsman, Levine & Drexler, LLC


Dear Andrea and Carmen,

This note is long overdue. It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I am only now able to sit down and offer my gratitude following my visit to Pittsburgh on October 24-26.

When I was in Pittsburgh following my mom Lucille Gerson’s stroke, I had the opportunity not only to visit with her, but also to meet many of the people involved in her care.  I also had the important task of contacting potential caregivers and agencies to find out the resources that Pittsburgh’s Jewish community has to offer.

My first stop was at the JFCS where I had a tremendously helpful meeting with Maxine Horn, who provided me with many good ideas and leads.  She shared some helpful background and even helped me with appropriate information about some of the potential candidates who I would be meeting.  She gave me some pamphlets and contact cards with a variety of resources that undoubtedly will be needed in the months and years ahead as my mom’s aging and health needs become even more intense.

I was able to connect with so many of the terrific people at Weinberg Village: the two of you, as well as Judy Blumenfeld and Sandy Dojack, all of whom were very attentive and responsive.  It gave my entire family confidence in mom’s situation. The activities, meals, and the care given to her there was outstanding. I even went with her to one of the group programs, which impressed me.  Rabbi Seidman was kind, patient, compassionate and quite creative with them. Most of all, he was respectful in a totally non-condescending manner, which is not always the case in similar care facilities.

I also had a wonderful experience accompanying my mom to her physical therapy appointment with Jennifer Friedman. I arrived early and she made some time for me, even though I did not have an appointment. She understood our desire to help mom go home in a safe environment and immediately volunteered to come on a visit the next week to assure that mom’s living space would be a proper environment along with appropriate in-home care. She followed up and gave a positive report that indicated to us that we should try to get mom home as soon as possible.

As I told you when we talked, after meeting with Aviva Gross, I knew that she and my mom would make a great connection. In fact, Aviva had been a neighbor of mom a few years ago and they had known each other, although not well. My cousins and stepsister also know Aviva and think highly of her.  We feel confident that she will be an effective advocate and care manager for our mother.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the many quality aspects to the Pittsburgh health care system for the aging Jewish population. I wanted to thank you for all that you did for our mom.

Rabbi Norman M. Cohen

Bet Shalom Congregation

Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305