Hear What Residents and Families Have to Say About JAA

Learn more about the care and lifestyles offered at JAA by hearing directly from our residents and families.

I was so impressed with the tender care provided by Charles Morris and Sivitz Hospice staff who cared for my late husband. The teams meshed so well with each other that I felt every effort was made to keep (him) comfortable and peacful....I also appreciate the efforts made to educate me more about the dying process and to keep me calm....You play such significant roles in contributing to the quality of lilfe for the residents....Thanks again for all you did for us.

--Diane, Sivitz Hospice family member

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the care I received recently from the nurses, aides, assistants and all those involved in my recovery. Your love, encouragement, and commitment, and dedication shows thru all you do on a regular basis.

– Cheryl Marlott | Past Resident

I was extremely impressed with Anathan Club’s vibrancy, cleanliness, spaciousness, security, and overall positivity. With the jukebox playing in the background, I observed participants, including my mother, laughing, conversing, holding hands, getting help with their coats, and just being themselves. It was lovely.

– Amy Freeman | Family Member

Thanks to both your organization and Scott Rosen for the physical therapy, JAA provides at the JCC…I even started doing aqua therapy which feels amazing. Thank you for offering this super convenient and excellent service to our community.

– Laura Ainsman Sohinki | Therapy Patient

They say it takes a village to raise a child—it also takes a village to make sure your parents are well taken care of as they get older (and even more so when you are living out of town from your parents!)… You made her feel that being a resident of Charles Morris still means that she has a valuable life to live.

– Jill Eidelman | Family Member