JAA Selects Our Volunteer of the Year

The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle annually seeks to publicize a volunteer from each of the region’s Jewish organizations who best exemplifies their missions and goals. 

We chose a very kind and loving member of our community and this is the piece The Chronicle published about Karen Friedman on December 5, 2019, 

“Karen Friedman adheres to a philosophy that has volunteerism at its core. She has embraced Sivitz Hospice, a service provided by JAA and, for the past three years, has donated countless hours of quality time to dying patients. Karen provides comfort and support to patients, families and loved ones who seek her calming and encouraging demeanor. Despite having no medical background, she is incredibly perceptive to physical and emotional issues, silently looking for changes in condition, for signs of agitation, of fear. Karen neither hesitates to consult with nurses, nor oversteps her bounds, and is always willing to learn.”

Thank you to Karen for all she continues to do  for JAA and Sivitz Hospice.