Meet Our Team

The Jewish Association on Aging has a highly committed, dedicated staff and leadership team who share cultural values and a common passion for helping seniors live full, purposeful lives.

Board of Directors

Board Members and Officers

Gary Cozen
Glen Feinberg
Karen Wolk Feinstein, Ph.D.
Jack Friedman
Daphna Gans
Paula Garret
Steve Halpern, Assistant Secretary*
John Katz, Secretary*
Sue Berman Kress
Lynette Lederman, Vice Chair*
Philip Lehman, Ph.D.
Michael Levin, Treasurer*

Mitchell Pakler
Lou Plung, Chair*
Barry Roth
Janice Faller Schermer
Joanne Ross Simon
Howard Sniderman
Andrew Stewart, Immediate Past Chair*
Alec J. Stone
E.J. Strassburger
Hal Waldman
Amy Weiss
Mary Anne Foley, JAA President & CEO*


Members emeritus

William Brandeis
Enid Miller

Senior Executives

Mary Anne Foley, RN, MSN, President & Chief Executive Officer

Mary Anne Foley, RN, MSN, President & Chief Executive Officer

Contact: Mary Smitley, Administrative Assistant
412-521-8795 |

Jay Sukernek, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Jay Sukernek, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Pearl Averbach,  LCSW, PCHA, Executive Director, Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Terrace

412-420-3341 |

Andrea S. Cohen, MSW, Director of Human Resources

412-521-1683 |

Nadine Kruman, MSW, LSW, Care Navigator

412-420-4000 x 2252 |

Leah Berman-Kress, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

412-586-3290 |

Jennifer McCay, Executive Director, The New Riverview Apartments

412-521-7876 |

Abby Miles, MHA, Manager of Business Analytics

412-586-3353 |

Nicole Morgan, PCHA, Executive Director, AHAVA Memory Care Center of Excellence

412-521-8299 |

Rabbi Dovid Small, Director of Pastoral Care

412-521-1685 |

Sharyn Rubin, MEd, Director of Resident & Community Services

412-521-1171 |

Lisa Vlakancic, RN, BSN, Director of Professional Services

412-521-2588 |

Trent Wilburn, Senior Director of Business Development/Memory Care Liaison   

412-586-3292 |


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