Feedback From You

Friday, April 17, 2020


From J. and I., JAA residents — “Both of us want to thank all of you for the great care you are giving to the residents of Weinberg Terrace. This includes the aids on all floors as well as the kitchen staff.  We feel we are in the safest place at Weinberg Terrace. Again we want to thank all of you for your efforts to make us safe from this terrible disease.”


From B. whose wife is in Charles Morris — “The only way I am getting through this nightmare is knowing that my wife is being taking care of so beautifully. With Denise on the unit, and Mo taking direct care of my wife, I know that she is receiving the very best care that there is to offer. I feel blessed to have you all filling in for me as part of her family!”


From S. who works at Charles Morris, sent to our COE — “I think you all and the facility as a whole are doing a GREAT job handling all this!!  I think you have been on top of it since Day 1.  It’s a hard world right now, things are up in the air, and who knows what’s coming next?  It makes me feel good to know that I’m coming to a place every day that cares about me, my family, my coworkers, and the residents I take care of on a daily basis.”


From S. who participates in Mollie’s Meals — “Passover was a very different experience but the food from the JAA kitchen was wonderful! I so enjoyed eating the traditional foods and, at least for the moment, all was well with the world. Please thank the dietary department personally for me!”


From J. whose loved one lives in Weinberg Terrace — “I can only imagine how hard this is on everyone there. Sending you all some good positive energy!! Keep up your great work!!”


From L. who is a Super Volunteer — “I just sent a candy care package to (two of my favorite residents). Please tell them I can’t wait to return. My life is missing something without my regular doses of life at Charles Morris”


From N. whose mother lives in a JAA memory care community— “I am writing to ask you if there’s some way for me and my siblings to show our appreciation for all the nurses and aides who have been working so hard and with so much love, care, and patience through this difficult time. I have donated to JAA, but would love to send something for the staff. Do you have suggestions for something that will be allowed and would be safe? Are you accepting deliveries of chocolate or desserts or something like that? I worry about inadvertently delivering the virus along with the dessert.”  

Editors note: This family donated a pizza delivery to the entire staff in their mother’s wing of Charles Morris. 

From R. —– “Thanks for all your efforts to keep our loved ones safe.”


From the R. Family whose loved one resides in Weinberg Terrace — “You are all doing an amazing job under stress no one could have imagined. It’s a tremendous comfort to us to know our mother is with you and being so well taken care of. Thank you for all you do always — and thank you so, so much for what you are doing now!”


From J., a hospice volunteer — “Safety and health to all staff, RN’s, CNA’s and all support personnel.”


From a JAA Board Member — “There is so much to thank you for that I don’t know where to begin.  Please know that I think about you so often and appreciate the work and caring of you and your staff.”


From C. whose family member is served by JAA — “Thank you for all you are doing for our  loved ones! Baruch Hashem.”


From E. whose mother lives in Weinberg Terrace — “Thank you Rena, George and the entire staff for the amazing job that you’re all doing. There are no words to express my gratitude for “holding down the fort” during such a difficult time (to say the least).”