Supplies Of Which We Can’t Get Enough

Monday, March 30, 5 PM

All of us in the healthcare profession need additional supplies to help cope with the coronavirus and the threat of it spreading.  

Here is a list of supplies we could us at JAA.  

If you or someone you know could donate any of these or you can help get us on a list where we could purchase them, please let us know by calling our hotline at 412-521-5675 or email us at

Thank you!

 COVID-19 Supplies Needed:

Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves (M, L, XL) 

Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves for Food Handling (M, L, XL) 

Nitrile Gloves (M, L, XL) 

Digital Tympanic Thermometers 

Digital Oral Thermometers 

Digital Oral Thermometer Probes (100/box) 

Instant foam sanitizer PURELL (4-700ml/case) 

Mask, face, ear loop w/shield

Mask, face, ear loop, blue 

Gown, isolation, yellow, universal 

Thermometer, forehead, digital, infrared 

Wipes, hand sanitizing, 5.9″x7.5″ (12 tubs/case) 

Distilled water, gallon. 

Hand sanitizer, 4 oz., flip-cap (86 bottles/case) 

Sanitizer, Purell hand w/aloe (24 bottles/case)  

Probe cover, ear, disposable, BLACK/WHITE (box  of 200) 

Disposable Stethoscopes 

Disposable BP Cuffs