Day 6 of COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions at JAA

Thursday, March 19, 2020 as of 6 PM

We are adjusting to life with visitation restrictions in place, continuing to take every precaution against the spread of the virus at JAA.

There are no cases of COVID-19 at JAA.

  • As of today, in the U.S., there are 11,000 confirmed cases of the virus, 171 deaths
  • In Pennsylvania, there are 185 confirmed cases and one reported death in eastern PA’s Northampton County 
  • In Allegheny County there are 16 confirmed cases


There continues to be a shortage of tests for the virus but the number of people being tested is beginning to increase. In Pennsylvania, there have been 1608 negative tests given and 185 that have come back positive.

Impact on JAA Residents:

Our activities staffs are keeping everyone busy at AHAVA, Charles Morris, Weinberg Terrace and Weinberg Village. 

We are maintaining required social distancing of six feet, both for residents and staff. Group activities have been restricted.

Tray deliveries for meals has been occurring in a timely manner, with hot food delivered hot and cold food delivered cold.

Rabbi Seidman is performing pastoral care by seeing every resident for one-on-one visits and today he brought his ukulele to add some music to the various communities.

Our “hair therapy” department has purchased portable washing tables and caps to keep our ladies and gentlemen looking and feeling their best.

We started piping in music through our video system so all the rooms can tune to Channel 2 and be reminded of the hits of yesteryear while they practice social distancing.  

Impact on Families:

We continue to do all we can to keep you and your loved ones connected to you even if you cannot visit in person.  Do contact us if you would like to arrange a video call so that you can see your loved one and vice versa.  It is really easy to do and those who are participating seem to enjoy it. Our family and caregiver hotline is 412-521-5675.

Families are welcomed to bring packages of food or supplies or clothing to any of our communities.  We accept them in our front entrances and staff will come out to pick up what you leave, delivering your packages to the residents’ rooms.

Private care attendants are permitted into our communities as long as they are with approved vendors; they are screened at the door, with temperatures taken, and hands sanitized. 

Impact on Staff:

Every staff member, whether a JAA employee or third-party care provider, is stopped at our building entrances, screened for symptoms and travel history, has a temperature taken, and hands sanitized before they get past security.

If any staff member has a temperature higher than 99.6 degrees, he or she is asked to go home and contact a PCP. No admittance back into the building is permitted without a doctor’s approved return-to-work document. Our infection preventionist is calling each person who is not able to work to check in on progress.

Management staff holds a morning briefing every day to catch up on overall virus news, adjusting policies and protocols with any new information provided by the Departments of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Impact on Vendors:

There is no admittance for any vendor who is attempting to enter for non-essential business purposes. When pre-approved essential vendors do enter any of our buildings, they must wear masks, sanitize, have temperatures taken, and answer questions about symptoms and travel history.

Family and Caregiver Hotline:
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us at 412-521-5675.