Mother’s Day Visits: Times of Joy and Tears

Monday, May 11, 2020

For 81 families who had not seen each other face to face since mid-March, last weekend brought tears, cheers, and lots of love to JAA when window visits happened across our communities.

Charles Morris, Weinberg Village, and Weinberg Terrace buzzed with activity both Saturday and Sunday, May 9-10, as visits between moms and loved ones took place at five “chatter box” locations, optimizing the time families could spend together.

It wasn’t perfect…the first to arrive did so in a snow squall, it was hard to hear each other through the plexiglass, time flew by, and there was no hugging which is hard especially for such an occasion. But the good far outweighed the less good.

Mothers, grandmothers, step moms, aunts, all were looking their best thanks to our beauty makers, Leanne, Sharyn and the activities staffs at each of our communities.

Some families sang together, some prayed, many invited others to join them via Face Time.

It was a love fest.

Now, as the weather improves, we will determine how to continue offering window visits as they were truly a success.