Thank You Parade: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Friday, May 8, 2020

They came, they drove, they honked horns, and mostly, they said  “Thank You!” 

Staff thanking supporters, board members and families thanking superhero employees. The turn out was spectacular. It didn’t hurt that the weather cooperated with clear, sunny skies.

It was an idea thought up by Barry Roth, member of the board of directors of JAA who felt  a parade would be a great way to say  “Thanks” to the hardworking JAA superhero staff! The rest of the board rallied behind the concept, literally, and off they went!

Nearly 50 cars lined the streets of JAA’s main campus, ambling through the parking lot, up past Weinberg Village, around Riverview and AHAVA and then again, past Charles Morris. The pace truck, driven by our chief of security, Rick, blared its  siren with CEO Debbie Winn-Horvitz and COO Mary Anne Foley jostling for position in the back  with their THANK YOU signs.

The route was lined with care staff in scrubs, Carol and Auri in their superhero capes, TV stations and photographers capturing the moment.

It was 20  minutes of glorious fun, streamed live into resident rooms so they could be a part of it all too.

And when it was over, it was back to the important work at hand. The parade a happy memory, and just what the doctor ordered.

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