Window Visits are Back!

August 14, 2020


Window visits at JAA between residents and family members are back at AHAVA Memory Care, Weinberg Village, and communities within Charles Morris that are COVID-free.

Of course, safety remains   our first priority and we ask that anyone coming for a window visit follow our specific guidelines.

If you wish to schedule a visit or have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to:

AHAVA Memory Care Center Contact: Kelie Schneider [email protected], Liz Powell [email protected]

Charles Morris Nursing and Rehab Center Contact: Sharyn Rubin [email protected]

Weinberg Village Contact: Pearl Averbach [email protected] or Sandra Dojcak [email protected]

Safety precautions and guidelines are given here to help you prepare for your visit. We need to adhere to these guidelines together in order to keep everyone safe:

  • No more than two (2) family members are permitted during the visitation.
  • Children who can maintain the rules of visitation are permitted only when accompanied by an adult.
  • Social distancing is required with facemasks during the entire visitation. 
  • No hugging, kissing or touching is permitted during the visit.
  • All visits are under supervision of an appropriate JAA staff person who assures that social distancing and facemask rules are adhered to at all times. 
  • All visits are weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather, the visit may be postponed at the discretion of JAA staff.
  • Visits are scheduled for 20 minutes and are only permitted as frequently as time permits to allow visitation for all residents throughout the community.
  • No packages can be given directly to the resident.  Packages go to the staff person monitoring the visit in order to assure appropriate cleaning/disinfection prior to the package entering the building.
  • There is no eating during the visits.
  • No visitors are permitted in the building at any time during the visit.
  • Windows and chairs are cleaned after the visit by an assigned staff member with an approved cleaning solution.
  • Staff members will direct visitors to the parking area and then to their designated meeting location.
  • Visitors should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before they need to be at their designated meeting location.
  • Anyone arriving late will be limited to the time their visit is scheduled, no exceptions.
  • Last minute changes will affect others who are planning visits as well.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you!