Getting Out The Senior Vote

October 2020

Seniors who vote at JAA are wondering, “What is all the fuss about?” Voting by mail  using  absentee ballots is nothing new for our  residents. We have been  doing this for years.

Ballots are provided to all JAA communities by social work and activities staff for each election cycle. When ballots arrive in our adminsitrative offices, they are brought to each registered voter. JAA residents  who wish to vote can either ask for help or fill out ballots themselves. They are especially careful to place them in the proper envelopes and return them to our staff for mailing en masse.

JAA handles the  request, collection, and mailing  of ballots to the Allegheny County Elections Division of Absentee Voting. We make it easy to vote, because it is!

With Pennsylvania a key state in the November election, and with the senior vote being courted by candidates, submitting absentee ballots is a right and a privilege none of us takes for granted.