Memory Care Checklist: The Importance of Elder Law

Memory Care Checklist: The Importance of Elder Law

“A diagnosis of memory loss for a loved one typically creates significant changes and new challenges for the entire family,” says Amy Dukes, Memory Care Liaison at AHAVA Memory Care Residence, a Memory Care Center of Excellence in Pittsburgh, PA. “While the most obvious of these concerns involves the person’s care, both memory care experts and elder law specialists agree that it is also very important to address the legal and financial considerations that become increasingly important as the loved one’s memory loss progresses.”

Memory loss authorities at the Alzheimer’s Association® and the Mayo Clinic® concur that families should begin their financial and elder law planning activities as early in the process as possible. This provides the opportunity for the person with memory loss to participate in important decisions about their care, their assets and their future wishes while they are still able.

Oftentimes, these plans involve elder law considerations with the objective of assuring that the best interests of the loved one with memory loss and their family are preserved.

Elder Law: A Valuable Tool for Families Coping with Memory Loss

Legal experts explain that getting an early start on key elder law matters such as creating a power of attorney provides several advantages to family members and their loved ones. These include:

  • Enabling the person with dementia to be involved and express his or her wishes for future care and decisions while they are still able.
  • Allowing sufficient time to work through the complex legal and financial issues that are typically involved.
  • Eliminating guesswork for families and empowering the person with dementia to designate decision-makers on his or her behalf.

Elder law is focused on a very narrow segment of law. Therefore, it is important to seek out an attorney who specializes in elder law to assist you. As part of their specialty, elder law attorneys help families to:

  • Interpret and effectively utilize state laws.
  • Plan how the loved one’s wishes will be carried out.
  • Prepare guardianship documents.
  • Understand the family’s financial options.
  • Preserve financial assets while providing care for a loved one.

Elder law attorneys specialize in preparing specific legal documents pertaining to your loved one’s care and finances including:

  • Legal Power of Attorney that allows a person with Alzheimer’s (called the principal) to name another individual (called an attorney-in-fact or agent) – usually a trusted family member, domestic partner or friend – to make financial and other decisions when the person with dementia is no longer able.
  • Living Wills, also called an Advanced Directives, that details how your loved one would like to be cared for if they become terminally ill, incapacitated or cannot communicate their healthcare wishes. This is especially important for those receiving late-stage memory care.
  • Applications for Guardianship/Conservatorship if your loved one is approaching or has already lost the legal capacity to act in his or her best interests. While guardianship is a potential legal option for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease, it can be an expensive and stressful process. In most cases, with effective pre-planning, a simple Durable Power of Attorney is sufficient.

Amy adds, “The additional challenges of financial concerns and legal matters for families coping with memory loss can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, with the assistance of a certified elder law specialist, you can address the need for a surrogate decision-maker and other legal matters to make the right decisions for everyone involved.”

You can locate an elder law attorney near you by contacting The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc.

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In addition to providing exceptional care for loved ones with memory loss, the AHAVA Memory Care Center of Excellence also serves as a valuable resource for families. Contact us if you have questions or need help in identifying memory care resources that can assist you in caring for your loved one at home.

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