Community Corner: Anathan Adult Day Memory Care Services

Anathan Adult Day Memory Care is ready for Summer!

Anathan Adult Day at the JAA is designed to care for people with memory care needs. Led by myself, Director Jamie Howell, and our creative team of staff and volunteers, the club is currently open for in-person activities on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Recently, we launched a unique virtual pilot program called Anathan @ Home that takes place each Wednesday when our in-person club is closed. Generously funded by a grant from The Sephardic Foundation on Aging, each participating member received a tablet that they use to connect to a video link where I lead interactive programming. We recognize that routines are essential for individuals with memory care needs, so we adapted existing Anathan programming for a virtual format on the days participants cannot come in-person. One such program we’ve replicated includes our daily “Morning Meeting” (pictured), which is an interactive discussion of the day’s weather, information on important events on that day in history, and media from familiar musical artists or shows/movies. Not only does Anathan @ Home help with our members’ routines, but it also offers some relief or respite time for their caregivers when the club is closed.

The club continues to offer live music programs and is set to begin music therapy sessions soon. The members also enjoy weekly pet therapy and services by Rabbi Small.  We plan to have the outdoor patio open for the warm weather for (hopefully lanternfly free!) outdoor exercises and activities. For any questions, or if you would like to arrange a tour of the club, please call 412-586-3292.

-Jamie Howell

Director, Anathan Adult Day Memory Care Services