Policies regarding visitation with COVID positive residents

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

As COVID positive cases thankfully seem to be waning in our region, residents and families should be aware that visitation at JAA, while still open, does require special requirements for visitors wishing to see a resident who is COVID positive in a designated red zone. 

We permit one designated essential caregiver to visit a COVID positive loved one during the entire length of a quarantine period. We recognize the benefit of having a visitor during resident isolation because it addresses the loneliness that can occur with a resident during that time. The same individual designated as the essential caregiver is the only person permitted in the positive resident’s room during the isolation period. JAA will provide the designated essential caregiver with the proper PPE.

As a reminder, visitors must wear either a respirator (N95, KN95 or KN94) or two surgical masks doubled for added protection.  A face shield provided by JAA is also required over the facemasks. Additionally, the positive resident should wear as much PPE as is tolerated. For anyone visiting JAA residents who are not COVID positive, we continue to permit visitation in areas with COVID exposures and in designated yellow zones. Those yellow zones will have clearly marked signs  on the appropriate    floor