Tracking the News on Coronavirus in Allegheny County and JAA

Updated Tuesday, March 17 5 AM

Cases of the coronavirus are being reported regularly on the Allegheny County Health Department website at

No cases of the virus at JAA have been reported; we continue to take all precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus to the most vulnerable among us, our seniors.

Due to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandate that nursing homes restrict visitaiton, RESTRICTION OF VISITORS TO JAA COMMUNITIES REMAINS IN EFFECT for Charles Morris Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, AHAVA Memory Care Center, Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Terrace, and The Residence at Weinberg Village.

Only staff and approved professional care providers are being admitted into our buildings.

Limitations in visit are also in effect at Riverview Apartments on the JAA campus.

Riverview Apartments residents are being discouraged from leaving their buildings; screening for symptoms of the virus and travel history is occuring as people enter; and visitors to Riverview are limited to one person per apartment. Meals are now individually prepared for non-congregate dining and community activities have been suspended for March and April.

For all PT@JCC clients: despite the temporary closing of the Jewish Community Center, JAA will continue to schedule and see clients at our outpatient rehabilitation center on JAA’s campus. The facility is isolated from the rest of campus and has its own entrance. This is a larger space set up especially for treatments, with free parking just a few steps away, and the same professional staff seeing to your rehab. This is temporary and will be in effect until further notice. For more information, to schedule or to reschedule an appointment, call 412-421-7400.

JAA Home Health Services are screening and taking temperatures for all patients and staff. Extra precautions are being implemented as our home health visits continue as planned.

Screening at entrances to our buildings continues and we are taking temperatures at our entry areas using infrared thermometers. Besides nursing staff and professional care providers who are screened and temped separately, these precautions are in effect for essential services and EMS personnel entering our buildings.

A process for resident visits to doctor appointments and necessary procedures has been implemented. If you are planning to take your loved one to his or her doctor appointment, you need to be pre-screened on the phone by our nursing staff before you arrive to pick up at a JAA building.  You will receive instructions from our staff regarding the procedure to pick up and drop off when you call.  Please call in advance for screening – for Charles Morris Nursing and Rehab Center call 412-420-4000; for AHAVA:412-521-5677; for Weinberg Terrace: 412-421-5757; 412-521-8988.

Anathan Club Adult Day Memory Care Services have been canceled until further notice.

Check back to this website for up-to-date information on news about the coronavirus and JAA’s prevention precautions.

If you have questions or concerns please call the JAA Family and Caregiver Coronavirus Hotline at


Or email us at

[email protected]

As always, rest assured the health and safety of your loved ones is our #1 priority.