“Heroes Work Here” by Sharyn Rubin

Heroes work here… indeed it’s true

Extra special souls who feel blessed to do what they do

Who care for their charges

Who treat them with love

Our mantra is that each resident is truly a cherished gift from up above.


The world of health care is challenging to be sure

There are rules and protocols and regulations to endure

But the essence of each and every work day

Is the honored souls whose well-beings we lift

That is our impetus for being on our daily shift.


It’s not about wages or even days off

It’s not about gowns that we don and we doff

It’s not about camaraderie (although that is definitely a plus)

It’s all about building bridges with them and with us.


The secret is out now and the truth must be told

We work hard, we work long, but we remain dedicated and bold

We work for the smiles and the gentle words of mirth

We are totally blessed to do G-d’s job right here on earth.


Incredulously, in these frightening times, our dedicated staff comes to work each day ready to protect their residents, to prepare their food, to entertain them, to keep their bodies healthy and their minds engaged.  This is who they are; this is what they do.  They care.  They leave their own issues on the JAA doorstep and seize the day, prepared to tackle the challenges of life in the age of COVID-19.  They are amazing, yet ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things every day.  And, in addition to all the tasks that are on their daily plate, they always find time  for words of encouragement, extra smiles, and an abundance of TLC.  These are our heroes, our special work force.  They inspire each other; they inspire our residents and our family.  They inspire us all.  We are so grateful to have them on our team.


About the author:  Sharyn Rubin serves as JAA’s director of resident and community services.  Her dedication to her work has benefitted JAA for nearly 15 years.  No one has a better way with words, thoughts, or deeds than Sharyn.  She astounds everyone who has the pleasure of knowing and working with her.  Sharyn never ceases to amaze. Her words here are testament to that.