JAA Visitation Procedures Change as Covid Cases Increase

Friday, August 6, 2021

Beginning Monday, August 9, JAA will be making changes to procedures regarding visits to Weinberg Terrace, Weinberg Village, and AHAVA Memory Care.

We will follow these revised procedures until we can assess that the variant is no longer a threat to our vulnerable seniors.



Procedural changes apply to all three levels of visitation to our resident communities:

  • In-Room visits – inside resident apartments and rooms
  • Indoor visits – within common areas inside JAA facilities
  • Outdoor visits – outside on JAA community grounds


These changes also impact both types of people who may wish to visit:

  • Vaccinated visitors – have completed the full course of vaccine inoculation plus two weeks waiting period
  • Unvaccinated visitors – have not completed the full course of vaccine inoculation (this includes those who have only received the first of two doses of the vaccine or have both doses but not the additional two weeks waiting period)


Everyone wishing to visit, no matter his or her age, must follow the new policies for his or her age bracket:

  • Adults, vaccinated or not
  • Children over 12, vaccinated or not
  • Children aged 3-11 years, unvaccinated but able to wear masks
  • Children under the age of 2 are not permitted to visit


One pet is permitted during in-room, indoor, or outdoor visits, as long as it does not go in any dining area and owners clean up afterwards.



Masks worn by everyone, all the time

  • Everyone visiting JAA MUST WEAR A MASK during his or her ENTIRE VISIT
  • This includes anyone who is or is not vaccinated, no matter the visit’s location (outside, inside, or in-room)
  • Residents being visited who are able to tolerate them MUST wear masks
  • JAA will provide masks to all visitors as they enter the building and we prefer you wear those masks rather than your own

Limit to the number of visitors 


  • Vaccinated adults and vaccinated children over 12 may attend in-room visits as long as a well-fitted mask is in place and disinfecting of hands occurs 
  • For in-room visits, unvaccinated adults and unvaccinated children over 12 are not permitted.
  • Also, children under 12 are not permitted for in-room visits due to their inability to be vaccinated.


  • For indoor visits, a limit of two adult visitors and two children (whether vaccinated or not) is permitted as long as they wear well-fitted masks throughout their visit and disinfecting of hands occurs. 


  • Weinberg Terrace continues to limit outdoor visits to six adults and six children at a time, vaccinated or not, as long as well-fitted masks are continuously worn.
  • Weinberg Village limits outdoor visits to three adults and three children.
  • AHAVA limits outdoor visits to three children, scheduled in advance to accommodate proper seating arrangements.


Distancing Is Back

  • During all visits, whether in-room, indoors, or outdoors, we ask that you maintain physical distancing for the safety of our residents.
  • However, if hands have been sanitized and masks are properly worn, hand-holding, hugs, and kisses are permitted.


No Food and/or Beverages Permitted

  • Absolutely NO FOOD AND/OR BEVERAGE may be consumed by any residents, adults, and children who are visiting in-room, indoors, or outdoors.
  • Beginning August 9, no longer will groups be able to have food or beverages during their visits.



  • Entering the Facility – visitors must continue to follow sign-in and sign-out regulations at security kiosks
  • Compassionate Care Visits – in-room compassionate care visits continue regardless of vaccination status as long as well-fitted masks are worn
  • Medical Outings – residents continue to wear facemasks for medical outings
  • Leisure Outings – taking loved ones out for leisure activities is still permitted but, due to the increase in positive cases, we will monitor and test your loved one on a regular schedule following these outings
  • Visitation Times and Locations – we cannot accommodate any visit without a pre-scheduled appointment.
  • Weinberg Terrace: Mon – Fri, 10 AM – 4 PM, 30-minutes per visit, first-come, first-served. Scheduling in advance is required with Marcellina at mhoskowicz@jaapgh.org
  • Weinberg Village: Mon – Fri, 3:30 – 5:30 PM. Visits are 30-minutes long, first-come, first-served. Scheduling in advance is required with Sandra at sdojcak@jaapgh.org or call 412 586 3241
  • AHAVA Memory Care: Visits are 30-minutes long, first-come, first-served. Scheduling in advance is required with Suzanne at skline@jaapgh.org

These changes are temporary. As we have throughout the pandemic, we will revisit them as scenarios for infection and spread of the virus fluctuate, for better or worse. 

We have always tried to stay ahead of the virus, and with these visitation changes, we stay committed to that as we ensure a safer community for all.