Hooray for JAA’s 2020 Volunteer of the Year

December   2020

Ronna Scoratow (left in the picture above)  had been an amazing volunteer at JAA before COVID-19.

Yet, somehow, despite the restriction of visitors within our buildings, she still managed to bring joy and laughter to our nursing home residents during the pandemic.  Besides donations of her time and energy, Ronna brought us a few extra calories too.

Every week for many months, Charles Morris residents received “Treats from Ronna.”  She would bring  ice cream, cupcakes, goodies of all kinds and provided  magazines, crossword puzzles, and anything she could  think of to lift up the spirits of our Charles Morris folks.  She created  cards, made  phone calls, and sent greetings to the residents, constantly reminding  her special friends that, though they were out of sight, they were certainly never  out of her beautiful and thoughtful mind. 

Thank you, Ronna.  You are the perfect choice for JAA’s Volunteer of the Year.

And thank you to The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle for honoring  all of  our community’s volunteers.