June: National Home Safety Month

When older adults choose to age in place, it’s important that their homes continue to be a space where they are safe and comfortable. Often, this requires making modifications in the home to prevent falls and injuries. Over half of older adult falls resulting in injury occur in the home. Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to emergency departments for individuals over the age of 65?

The majority of falls occur because of a combination of interacting factors. The most common reasons for falls are bone and joint problems, vision changes, nerve or cognitive issues, heart problems, side effects of medications, clothing/footwear issues, and general environmental hazards in the home.

The JAA’s Home Health team can assess your home and provide suggestions about what modifications would make it safer. Our therapists can build a home exercise program that will address muscle weakness and reduce your risk of falling. We can also review your medications and identify any that may have side effects that could lead to falls.

TIP: Look around your house for ways you can improve your safety.  Keep night-lights on, remove throw rugs, clear frequently used pathways of any clutter/cords/furniture, and never climb on chairs for hard to reach items.

Sources: Hospital for Special Surgery and American Academy of Family Physicians