Our Latest PEER Award Winner, Beverly Williams

Monday,  January 4, 2022

Congratulations to our recently announced PEER Award winner for the month of November, Beverly Williams.  Nominated by her supervisor, Sharan Weir, Beverly is a food and nutrition associate at Weinberg Terrace.  According to Sharan, Beverly is dedicated to all the residents at the Terrace.  One in particular was feeling somewhat useless and without much purpose so Beverly encouraged her to help  her out in the  dining area.  By tell her how  much she is needs and appreciated, these tasks are not givng the resident great joy and a friendship between the two has blossomed.  Beverly exemplifies  what Terrace staff  are all about:   caring, patience and love.

Other worthy nominees in November included:

Sirvasha Evans – Food & Nutrition Associate at Weinberg Terrace

Danielle Germany – Housekeeper at JAA

Will Hodge – Housekeeper at JAA

Jan Kellough – Bereavement Coordinator at Sivitz Hospice

Juliette Lann — Care Attendant at Weinberg Village

Pam Price — Housekeeper at JAA

Roberto Sciulli – Driver for Outpatient Services

Duane Smithson — Food & Nutrition Director

Carolyn Webb — Activities Assistant at Weinberg Village


The Pakler Exemplary Employee Recognition Award is made possible through the generosity of JAA Board Member Mitchell Pakler and his family who wish to recognize the amazing contributions JAA staff make of which most of us aren’t even aware