Challenges Met with Protocol Changes in Outpatient Therapy

January 26, 2021

Outpatient Physical Therapy staff have had to put numerous precautions in place for client safety and have been steadfast in their dedication to their work.

Recently, outpatient therapy has seen an increase in referrals with more people recovering from COVID-19, particularly when it comes to issues of balance, strength, and endurance.

Assistant Director of Outpatient Rehab, Home Health Occupational Therapist, Korey Long, says that the protocols put in place including enhanced PPE and continually disinfecting surfaces have comforted patients that might have been skeptical to in-person therapy.

Additionally, JAA is still offering free transportation locally to the JAA campus for those patients that cannot get to an outpatient clinic on their own.

For those who are more comfortable at home, PT@JCC is able to use teletherapy, which was approved by Medicare and most insurances when the pandemic started.

Our PT team is excited for the future as the Jewish Community Center is currently under renovation to increase the rehab clinic’s space available to PT@JCC.