Veterans and Residents from Weinberg Village Set Sail

It was “All Aboard” the Gateway Clipper as residents of Weinberg Village were  invited to set sail   with Veterans for a day on the Three Rivers.

Each year Sharing & Caring sponsors a Gateway Clipper Cruise for hospitalized Veterans complete with a lunch buffet and entertainment. A wreath was  laid in the river to honor all those we have lost.

During boarding, military servicemen and first responders were  on hand to greet Veterans and assist with  wheelchairs while a band played patriotic tunes from the dock.

Gifts and prizes went to the best dancers, for both  ambulatory and disabled Vets, in which Cookie and  Audrey participated. Moshe and Kim also danced.

Shown here with Kim (l) and Cookie (m), Moshe (r)  who won a watch for being the oldest attendee.

It is a beautiful day for Veterans to spend with their caregivers being honored and  appreciated for their service.