Volunteers Return to JAA

May 8, 2020

Jewish Association on Aging Volunteer Program Returns with New Guidelnes 


The JAA believes that volunteers have a positive effect on our residents’ emotional and physical well-being. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our purpose to provide residents with safe interactions that improve their quality of life, while keeping our volunteers safe as well.

Volunteer Policy Guidelines:

The following will apply for volunteer usage during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Volunteers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be able to produce their CDC vaccination card. Fully vaccinated is defined as 14 days after receiving the last vaccine in a series of vaccines. 
  2. Volunteers must enter through the Wintergarden entrance and be screened using the Accushield kiosk system. Any volunteer who is unable to pass all screening questions will not be permitted to enter.
  3. Volunteers must be aware of and willing to follow the JAA PPE policies, including handwashing, social distancing, surgical face masks while in the building and face shields on at all times while interacting with residents.
  4. Volunteers must follow the COVID testing schedule that JAA staff follows and provide those results to a supervisor within the timeframe per JAA’s policy.
  5. Volunteers will be limited to designated days and times as decided by administration.
  6. Any volunteer who does not adhere to PPE, testing, or infection control policies will not be permitted to continue as a JAA volunteer.
  7. Prior to providing volunteer services, a documented education session will take place with the volunteer reiterating JAA’s infection control guidelines.   
  8. Pre-determined volunteers may bring a pet as part of a scheduled pet therapy program visit. Pets should visit in neutral zones of the unit preferably and no pets are permitted to enter yellow or red zones of any JAA facility. Residents may be able to touch the pet under the following circumstances:
    1. Social distancing is maintained at all times.
    2. Residents approach the pet one at a time.
    3. Residents are provided hand sanitizer prior to and after handling the pet.

We welcome back all our volunteers with open arms and ask that you please follow these guidelines to protect our residents.  

Thank you for all your do to raise our spirits and assist our staff.