Staff Spotlight: Jamie Howell

James (Jamie) Howell is the director of Anathan Adult Day Memory Care, the JAA’s day program for people with memory care needs. Located on the JAA campus, Jamie and his staff spend the day engaged in programming that is specifically tailored for individuals with dementia. Some of these mentally stimulating activities, such as puzzles or word games, help the members’ cognitive functioning. Other activities, such as making art or listening to old music, can reduce feelings of anxiety or depression and common challenging behaviors associated with dementia. These group activities encourage members’ participation and socialization, which can help with any feelings of isolation they may be experiencing.

Under Jamie’s watch the hours fly by allowing respite for caregivers while simultaneously promoting a feeling of independence for the participants. Jamie’s background is in the behavioral health field, but he is also a retired professional baseball umpire and a standup comic. Jamie’s unique combination of skills and the way he cares for the members is one of the things that makes Anathan so special.