Staff Spotlight: Rick Franks

Rick Franks, the JAA’s Security Manager and Emergency Management Coordinator, has made it his personal mission to ensure the safety of the JAA and everyone within its walls. With decades of experience as a security professional, Rick, a retired fire chief, joined the JAA in 2019 after his tenure as a security specialist at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. In late April, Rick took the initiative to become a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), which is widely acknowledged as the foremost credential in security management. According to ASIS, the accrediting agency, the credential, “provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and management skills in seven key domains of security.” We are thrilled for Rick to receive this amazing recognition that acknowledges his outstanding work and wealth of knowledge.

Rick is very involved in the community, serving as the Chairman of the Long Term Care Committee of the Healthcare Coalition of Southwestern PA. He has connected the JAA with many valuable community partners, including law enforcement officials with whom he has worked for years. In addition to being a new Certified Protection Professional, Rick is also a Certified Security Specialist, a Certified Stop the Bleed Instructor, a Fusion Liaison Officer, and a Certified A.L.I.C.E. Instructor. Rick shares his knowledge through education sessions with staff and residents alike. In addition to routine fire safety and active shooter trainings with residents, he conducts special education sessions during resident council meetings on important topics such as cyber fraud and elder fraud.

Rick feels most fulfilled by his work when he knows that the residents, visitors, and staff at the JAA feel safe. We are deeply grateful for Rick’s fervent dedication and tireless efforts to ensure our community is safe and has peace of mind. His contributions to the JAA are invaluable and we commend his tremendous work.