Who do you trust when life’s journey comes to an end?

Sivitz Hospice & Palliative Care is about quality of life.

Serving the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, Sivitz Hospice provides end-of-life care to anyone facing a life-limiting illness. With particular focus on comfort and symptom management, traditional and holistic care allow patients and families to make the most of their remaining time together.

The dedicated team members at Sivitz  Hospice truly cherish the people for whom they care. The staff becomes close to   families and manages all aspects of hospice care from the time patients are admitted through their passing, and during the time needed for bereavement.

Staff are innately thoughtful and are trained in all aspects of respectful, professional hospice care.

JAA’s hospice team members take their jobs very seriously and care for their patients as if they were caring for their own loved ones.

Accessibility to staff is key.  Hospice Medical Director Stewart Chetlin is always available for FaceTime visits, prescription changes, or acute issues.

Stacey Tabanli, Sivitz’ director of professional services, chose to work in a setting where patients have autonomy over their care.

According to Stacey, “I wanted patients to be given the power to choose to stop fighting should they want to, especially if everyone knew that a cure was not an option. And I wanted them to know that there were so many people who could make them comfortable and would support their choices.”

Having patients and families involved in hospice decision making allows more time for dignity and a greater quality of care. Sivitz Hospice is unique because of its small size and consistent staff who provide a well-established continuity of care. The hospice team is constantly in communication with each other, the patients’ families, and their physicians.

The hospice staff is equipped, trained, and certified to be among the best. Stacey is certified in hospice and palliative nursing. Patty Rudolchick is certified in hospice and palliative care as a nursing assistant, Rickie Dell was recently honored as the Pennsylvania Home Care Direct Care Worker of the Year, and most of the Sivitz staff are Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Additionally, Jan Kellough, Sivitz Hospice’s bereavement counselor, learned about the power of hospice when her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at five years of age and passed away when she turned 10. Jan was so moved by the impact bereavement counselors had on her family that she went back to school to become a bereavement counselor herself.  

“There has been much healing in the 26 years since Ashley’s passing. What we received from the medical staff who cared for her, I could never return,” Jan admits. “It is my deepest desire to help those who have lost a loved one realize that, although their future may be very different than what they expected, they can find meaning in some of the most painful experiences and that we can all learn to live with our losses.”

Being a part of the Jewish Association on Aging is also beneficial because of the various services offered, which helps to create a smooth transition and coordinated care plan. Sivitz Hospice provides unique services from a Reiki Master and End of Life Doulas to pet visits and music visits. Programs such as “Leave a Legacy” and “No One Dies Alone” are aspects of the healing power from which patients and families may benefit when life’s journey comes to an end.

The choice is yours.

CHOOSE SIVITZ HOSPICE: Care that comes with  Compassion, Helpfulness, Objectivity, Openess, Support, and Experience.

When you are considering hospice care, ask your physician to refer you to SIVITZ HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARE.

For information, call 412-422-5700.