Teletherapy Now Available Through JAA

September 20, 2020


JAA now offers teletherapy through PT@JCC.   If you  need PT but are not able to get it in person, you can still get the patient-centric, quality services you have come to expect from our therapists at the JCC.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the delivery of health services through electronic information and technologies. In other words, it is a video conference about your physical health.

Our PT@JCC physical therapy clinic is proud to offer teletherapy PT services to our patients. This service provides consultations, assessment, follow up, and coaching to our patients directly in their homes or other remote settings.

Teletherapy services may be most useful for those who either have physical or transportation barriers that prevent them from coming to an outpatient therapy location, or those who, in the midst of a global health crisis, would feel more comfortable limiting their exposure in public places.

Our teletherapy services provide value-added care to patients receiving physical therapy in our PT@JCC clinic. Our team is ready and prepared to utilize teletherapy as a solution to address the needs of our patients during this time when visits to our clinic may not be an option. As state and federal officials make recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is our social responsibility to help be a part of the solution.

A teletherapy appointment can easily be scheduled where one of our licensed physical therapists will assess your condition and give you feedback regarding the best approach to your recovery.

How does it work?

Receiving a teletherapy consultation is similar to a video conference. If you have ever used Skype or Zoom on a computer or FaceTime on your phone, teletherapy will seem very familiar. The only equipment you will need is a laptop computer or smartphone with a camera and internet service.

The addition of teletherapy services is one component of our comprehensive program designed to provide the highest quality of physical therapy to our community in the most convenient and cost-effective manner.

If you have questions about how physical therapy could benefit you and would like to schedule a teletherapy consultation, please contact our PT@JCC office at 412-697-3505 for details.