Mollie’s Meals Coordinator Retires

January 21, 2021

Fraida Estrin began working at JAA in 2001 after answering a want ad in The Jewish Chronicle. She was originally tasked with general administrative duties, but a few years later was promoted to Mollie’s Meals Coordinator.

Fraida explains Mollie’s Meals as a Kosher meal delivery program that supplies meals for the homebound who have trouble making their own.

When Fraida started at JAA, Mollie’s Meals was delivering an average of 35 meals per day. Today, after Fraida’s many years of hard work, the program delivers an average of 700 meals per week, increasing to nearly 2500 during COVID.

She feels she has gained significantly from her Mollie’s Meals colleagues saying, “From our meal participants, I have learned to respect and empathize with individual needs.  From our volunteers, I have learned the value of dedication, kindness, and fortitude.  And from my coworkers, I have learned that each of us is an essential part of a larger unit and, if one part malfunctions, the rest has to compensate.”

Fraida hopes that she will be remembered as a good liaison for the Jewish community and as someone who helps individuals find appropriate resources to assist them and their families.

She admits, “I know I’m a people-person so if somebody calls me asking for help, I try to go out of my way to approach it with not just services but with personal attention.”

Fraida has always gone the extra mile for people in need. She even arranged Mollie’s Meal deliveries for a Holocaust survivor living in Morgantown, WV, which is very far outside the program’s typical area of service.

Fraida’s advises Karen Hinkes,  who takes on the coordinator position on February 15,  that this job requires flexibility, keeping you on your toes.

In her retirement, Fraida will still be kept   on her toes,  spending   time with her grandchildren and   using  puppets to interact with those who have difficulty communicating.

Fraida is very appreciative of everyone who has been involved in the Mollie’s Meals program.

She will certainly be missed by all who know and love working with her.