Jennifer McCay Becomes Executive Director of The New Riverview Apartments

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Interim Executive Director Jennifer McCay has agreed to continue her tenure at the New Riverview in a permanent capacity.

This is a very natural transition for Jen as she’s worked her way up at JAA and has been an excellent interim leader at Riverview during these last seven months. We are sure you agree, she deserves to continue the wonderful work she’s been doing.

When we conferred about announcing Jen’s permanent position as executive director, she wanted everyone to know how much she appreciates the incredible support she’s received from the Riverview tenants, staff, affiliate partners at JAA, and Brandywine, Riverview’s management company.  She’s also grateful for this opportunity and is excited to carry on the meaningful work which is at the heart of Riverview’s mission. Jen remains committed to Riverview’s legacy of growth and sustainability that are keys to the community’s future.

Jen’s goal is to enhance Riverview’s strong tradition of providing exceptional services to our tenants. She will be building meaningful relationships within the apartment complex and strengthening Riverview’s connections with our community partners. 

During Jen’s interim term, she worked to continue the slow reopening of activities and events in light of COVID. She’s also been vital in implementing a number of tenant-centric programs like “Ask the Nurse.”

As you know, Jen is amazingly loyal, having spent most of her professional career with JAA, beginning in 1996 in our nursing department and, until transitioning to Riverview, as the executive assistant to the president and CEO. 

We know tenants enjoy having Jen in charge. Along with her husband Dan, and their beautiful daughter Grace, the Riverview family has grown even stronger. 

We wish Jen and all the tenants at Riverview a long, fruitful, and happy time together.