New Leadership at Weinberg Terrace and Weinberg Village

Pearl Averbach and Nicole Morgan

We sat down with two incredible women at JAA, both on the cusp of new positions within the organization.

Pearl Averbach is leaving Weinberg Village to become the new executive director of Weinberg Terrace. With Pearl’s transition, Nicole Morgan is stepping into Pearl’s former position of executive director at Weinberg Village.

Both are anxious to begin their new jobs and are looking forward to the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead.

What makes their transitions easier than most is that they both know JAA so well (Pearl has been at the Village for eight years, Nicole for twelve as the director of social services at Charles Morris). 

They are also both extremely loyal to JAA, embracing its mission and putting their licensed clinical social worker skills and years of experience to good use.

“My roots are in JAA,” says Pearl, who came to Weinberg Village after spending 21 years off-and-on (in between raising children) as director of senior services at Jewish Family and Community Services.  Her initial introduction to JAA was as its Home Health and Hospice social worker.  She took on the job at the Village in 2016 when the former ED, Martha Martel, transitioned to what was then the brand new AHAVA Memory Care Center of Excellence. “I love what I do and where I am, as I learn so much from our residents. Their families are our partners in care and I look forward to that at the Terrace.”

Nicole is working now to obtain her Personal Care Home Administrator license, which Pearl achieved when she first came to the Village.  “I feel as though my work in skilled nursing has prepared me for this moment. Having the knowledge of Department of Health regulatory requirements at Charles Morris is a strength as is my work at Charles Morris servicing residents who had a higher level of clinical needs. I’ve been in the thick of things and am ready to take this next step.” 

Having a large staff will also be new for Nicole but she is anxious to build a rapport and share her knowledge about clinically complex issues with her new employees. “I will be there to train and help guide them, but I know they are already a great group of hard working professionals.”

Another similarity between Pearl and Nicole is their shared commitment to aging services and compassion and desire to have residents age with dignity and grace.  And just as they respect the residents, they have grown close during this transition. According to Pearl, “Nicole’s positive approach and professionalism will be much appreciated by both residents and families.” 

For Nicole, having Pearl’s respect and guidance is reassuring.  “I am thrilled to be working at a place with strong women in leadership roles. Having Pearl to turn to is priceless.”

One way these two powerhouses differ is in embracing change.  Nicole thrives on change and Pearl is a bit more reticent.

Pearl leaves the Village, “with a heavy heart. I have grown to care and cherish relationships with Village residents, they are my Weinberg Village family,” and, although they will be missed, “I go to the Terrace to embrace it’s residents, community and establish a partnership of care and quality.”

Nicole admits that change  can be  difficult   sometimes  but evolving and improving are part of the equation. “I am not the same person I was when I started in healthcare 16 years ago. I know I have a role to play and I embrace these changes.”

One area where they agree is that JAA supports and encourages the professional growth of its employee’s.

Nicole appreciates that JAA has provided the foundation for her to grow.  As does Pearl who feels doors are always open to her at JAA, and that integrity and accountability are shared attributes within the administration.

The pandemic has provided challenges for which neither had prepared.  Now they take these positions in a time of great stress but also one of great opportunity.

Nicole’s optimistic outlook serves her well.  “Things are changing quickly in long-term care. But I always feel challenges are your greatest springboard. No matter what we face, these are the things that make us stronger and better.”

With JAA playing such a pivotal role in the community, having Pearl and Nicole in these important leadership positions encourages the entire organization to be stronger and better.  With them at the helm, residents and families, staffs, and fellow administrators can trust they are in good hands.