Coronavirus Prevention and Testing

Updated Tuesday, March 17 4:30 AM

Originally  posted, Friday, March 6, 5 am

Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading.

As in the rest of the U.S., limited testing for the virus is being administered.

At JAA, our criteria for considering someone at risk for coronavirus is in line with the criteria recommended by the ACHD. In the event anyone with whom we come in contact meets these criteria, we contact the Health Department and confer with our resident/client/staff member’s doctor or medical provider.

The criteria JAA uses to evaluate a potential coronavirus carrier includes whether or not a resident/client/staff member

  • has a fever or cough and shortness of breath AND has had close contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient within 14 days of the patient’s symptoms becoming apparent


  • has a fever AND respiratory symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization AND a history of travel to an affected geographic area within 14 days of the patient’s symptoms becoming apparent


  • has a fever with severe lower respiratory symptoms (like pneumonia) requiring hospitalization without alternative explanatory diagnosis (like influenza) AND with no other identifiable source of exposure


  • our resident/client/staff member’s doctor or health care provider has requested testing based on his or her professional clinical judgement.

Remember, testing for coronavirus only occurs when risk factors are high and our resident/client/staff member’s doctor or health care provider orders the test.

Also, be aware that, in the  event you or your loved one will need to be tested for coronavirus and you have Medicare Part B Medical Insurance, Medicare will cover the cost of the test. Understand, however, the test is covered by Medicare Part B ONLY:

  • when the test is ordered by your doctor or a health care provider AND
  • if you have the test on or after February 4, 2020, AND
  • if the laboratory that provides the test meets Medicare requirements

If you or your loved one  are experiencing any of the above symptoms and you meet the criteria based on the Health Department’s recommendations, call your doctor or health care provider immediately.

Stay informed of the latest news from JAA and how it may impact you. We will continue to update this page as news relevant to JAA’s community becomes available.

If you have questions please direct them to [email protected]

If you are a JAA family member of care provider and need further information, call our hotline at 412-521-5675.