Help Our Seniors Stay Safe

During this crisis, JAA needs you more than ever, to come to the aid of our seniors and to advocate for the care they need to survive the threat of coronavirus.

Our residents are vulnerable, high-risk, many with chronic medical conditions that make them targets for a virus that seeks out and attacks the elderly.

Another vulnerable population is our JAA staff, living paycheck-to-paycheck, serving as heads of their households, balancing financial and childcare challenges.

In the midst of addressing these vulnerabilities, we must head off soaring expenses and declining revenues because of forced changes in our services due to virus protection precautions.


Where Your Money Will Go:

  • Personal protective equipment  (face masks, gloves, gowns, eye wear)
  • Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers
  • Screening tools upgraded for staff and essential healthcare providers
  • Meals for our seniors on trays requiring additional staff
  • Meals for staff  (one free meal per staff person per day) to curtail staff from exposure outside the building
  • Child and elder care alternatives for working staff who cannot leave children or older loved ones at home
  • Replacement staff and overtime hours, filling in for those unable to work
  • Telemedicine that provides monitoring by physicians and healthcare procedures administered from afar
  • Additional technology to stay connected using iPads, iPhones, and smart speakers, and even more staff to help use the technology


We will continue to keep you updated on our response efforts. To learn more about how you can get involved, contact us today. Our JAA hotline is available 24/7 by calling 412-521-5675 or email us at

In trying times like these, we so appreciate your ongoing generosity and support — we cannot do this without you!

With gratitude,

Deborah Winn-Horvitz

President & CEO

The Jewish Association on Aging