Let’s Talk About The Air We Breathe

October 2020

Gary Vautard, JAA’s Director of Facilities Management, explains how important the air is circulated within our buildings. According to Gary, JAA’s main campus building complies with recommendations for improved air quality. 

Six of our nine air handlers bring in 100% outside air and we recently installed UV-C systems into the other three units that re-cycle air.  The air filters are scheduled to be changed on a quarterly basis. 

We have a carbon dioxide monitor on the system that serves our community room, which is the only room designed to accommodate a large population.  The current reading is close to the number that is expected to be in the outside air.

All this talk of air came about after reading an article about air purifiers and their impact on mitigating the virus.

Read more about the issue of air published recently by Vox.com, “Coronavirus is in the air. Here’s how to get it out. How to make indoor air safer (but not necessarily safe) during the pandemic.”