By the numbers: JAA from February through December 2020

December  2020

When we last celebrated a new year  anticipating the coming of a   new  decade, we had not yet heard of the coronavirus let alone seen any photos of that oddly shaped little germ.

We started our fight to keep that germ out of JAA on February 4 when we Xeroxed our first piece of literature to warn staff and visitors that something was out there and we needed to be aware of it.

Eleven months later, we look back on all that we have been doing to fight COVID in our JAA community, among our ten business units, affecting our 900+ residents and employees. 

We are just sharing   numbers here, with no accounting for the stress, strain, emotion, and heartache experienced over these amazing 11 months.

Here they are, quite simply, some of the 1.7 million things we did during our fight against COVID  in 2020:

Protection, protocol, procedures

329,141 pieces of PPE distributed (masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, scrubs)

284,128 resident & staff temperatures taken

93,643 disinfectant wipes distributed

82,471 alcohol wipes used

10,056  COVID  tests administered on JAA’s campus (JAA and Squirrel Hill Health Ctr)

87  COVID  testing sessions held on JAA’s campus

110 new policies and protocols enacted

71 educational sessions and town hall meetings conducted by infection control

18 gallons of isopropyl alcohol poured


270,086 meals prepared, and served to residents and staff by our own dietary and food service crew

8214 slices of pizza delivered and consumed by JAA staff

3943 bottles of water distributed to staff

463 food boxes donated through CRESP, the Crisis Employee Support Program

7271 visits coordinated between residents and their loved ones

257 virtual visits between doctors and residents

424 package deliveries and food from families unable to come in the building

257 loads of laundry done for families who couldn’t

70   handmade blankets made by volunteers and donated to our residents

66 art classes conducted at AHAVA Memory Care Center under “Opening Minds Through Art”


13,172 Home Health visits made

19,714 Mollie’s Meals delivered

3,943 Mollie’s Meals recipients

5,198 Out Patient Therapy sessions held

474 Out Patient Therapy clients


255 Crisis Management meetings/calls between staff and administration

10,973 names announced during roll call at Crisis Management meetings

9,607 sets of COVID statistics produced for Crisis Management meetings

1,082 Crisis Management Manual pages collected

1,140 precaution posters distributed throughout our residences

19,051 email news and fliers sent to staff

309,329 eblast updates and newsletters sent to constituents

80,878 eblasts opened by constituents

169 Facebook messages posted

136,045 Facebook messages received by JAA friends

67 website news postings

20,247 website users

56,118 website page views

1,913 photos taken of residents and staff for posting

A final thought.  We are one of several thousand facilities like ours in Pennsylvania and tens of thousands in the U.S.  Take that into consideration and multiply our numbers across the country, well, you get the picture.

It really has been one hell of a year.