Resources That Can Help – Mental Health

Wednesday, April 8, 2020



That’s totally normal and expected at times like these. 

Perhaps you could use some help.

Here are some FREE, HELPFUL RESOURCES  for JAA Staff and anyone needing extra support: 


Take advantage of an EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE program: 

For JAA Union Members:                          Call Back on Track  1-800-566-5933

For JAA Non-Union Members:                  Call Life Solutions   1-800-647-3327


Struggling with ANXIETY AND EMOTIONAL ISSUES due to these uncertain times?

Call Toll Free Support & Referral Helpline       1-855-284-2494                

PA Dept of Human Services caseworkers answer 24/7


Need CREATIVE WAYS TO MANAGE STRESS, perhaps a way to vent?

Call JCC’s 10.27 Healing Partnership                412-697-3534


Would you prefer TELE-THERAPY through VIDEO CHAT or TELEPHONE?

Call Jewish Family Community Services           412-904-5960

Leave a message; someone will call you back from a “private” number


Do you need time for some MINDFUL MEDITATION?

Check out the videos at

Scroll down and Click on “Videos – Mental Health Resources”


These resources are AVAILABLE TO ALL JAA staff at no charge.

Reach out however, whenever, or wherever you need help.


Always Remember to Take Care of Yourself!